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Lowry Hill

8 Locations ~ Curated by Original research by Bob Glancy - edited by Richard L. Kronick

Red River Ox Cart Trail

16 Locations ~ Curated by Reggie McLeod for the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership (Copyright 2017, Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership)

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Architects: Long and Thorshov, 1923 Addition by Long and Thorshov, 1929 Renovation by Shea Architects, 1993 The Medical Arts Building is sheathed in bright white terra cotta. “Terra cotta” translates from Latin as “baked earth,” and that’s…

The Lyndale 2934 Lyndale Ave So. Opened: May 5, 1915 Architect: A. L. Garlough Original owner: George Ashworth Building contractor: A.E. Rydlun This was called The Lyndale Theatre, The New Lyndale or just The Lyndale at various times. It…

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