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3 Locations ~ Curated by Macalester College students in 2019

Healy Block

17 Locations ~ Curated by by Anders Christensen; edited by Richard L. Kronick

Red River Ox Cart Trail

16 Locations ~ Curated by Reggie McLeod for the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership (Copyright 2017, Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership)

Random Stories

Peavey Plaza 1100 Marquette Avenue Landscape Architect: M. Paul Friedberg (New York City), 1975 Peavey Plaza was an instant hit. Downtown workers on lunch break and children of all ages enjoyed its water works and multiple subterranean levels.…

A GIFT FROM "THE FATHER OF THE UNIVERSITY" • • • • 100 University Avenue SE • Charles Aldrich, architect • Beaux Arts-style • Narrated by Dean Phillips • John Pillsbury, like many Easterners, came to the tiny village of St. Anthony to…

Architect: Perry Larawa Date: 1940 Style: English Cottage Revival This house of several gables is sheathed in two colors of brick, some of which were intentionally “aged” with dashes of mortar. The front door is surrounded by a sheltering…

Minneapolis Historical

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