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Healy Block

17 Locations ~ Curated by by Anders Christensen; edited by Richard L. Kronick

Lowry Hill

8 Locations ~ Curated by Original research by Bob Glancy - edited by Richard L. Kronick

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Designers: Isadore, Seymour, and Marjorie Mandel Date: 1953 Style: Woodsy Modern The design of this house was a collaboration among Isadore Mandel, his brother Seymour, and Seymour’s wife, Marjorie. The house was built for Seymour and Marjorie…

Architect: Perry Larawa Date: 1940 Style: English Cottage Revival Perry Larawa, who designed the house at 1 Red Cedar Lane for his own family, also designed this house. It was purchased by the Joseph family in the 1950s. Burton Joseph was a…

Peavey Plaza 1100 Marquette Avenue Landscape Architect: M. Paul Friedberg (New York City), 1975 Peavey Plaza was an instant hit. Downtown workers on lunch break and children of all ages enjoyed its water works and multiple subterranean levels.…

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