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Red River Ox Cart Trail

16 Locations ~ Curated by Reggie McLeod for the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership (Copyright 2017, Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership)

Healy Block

15 Locations ~ Curated by by Anders Christensen; edited by Richard L. Kronick

Random Stories

Architects: William Purcell and Frederick Strauel (“spec” house for Henry M. Peterson) Date: 1928 Style: French Cottage Revival/Colonial Revival Surprise! Here, the architects and their client departed completely from the English Cottage Revival…

AN EVENT SPACE BIGGER THAN A CITY BLOCK • • • • 2nd Street between 3rd Avenue and Bank Street; (no longer exists) • Isaac Hodgson, architect • French Classicism and Gothic styles • Narrated by Jacob Frey • In 1886, a group of Minneapolis…

Minneapolis Historical

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