Peninsula Point in Two Rivers Park, Anoka

Ox carts either forded or ferried across the Rum River here.

In 1849, when E. S. Seymour arrived near the mouth of the Rum River while traveling north on the trail, he paid the ferrymen three shillings to cross and recalled: “Here was a small log-cabin occupied by two bachelors, who kept the ferry: they had no other means of providing for our comfort than a liquor-bar and an empty room, destitute of bedding and furniture …”

His party opted to camp out after they were ferried across the river.

Sometimes carts crossed at the ferry landing. When they reached a river that was too deep to ford, carters could remove the wheels and float the carts across.


Lower Rum River

Lower Rum River

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Rum River Ferry

Rum River Ferry

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Peninsula Point commentary

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Mark Labine, autobiographical

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